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Plan the Kanban product development

We need to talk about plans. One of the biggest misunderstandings about Agile is that you can’t plan. It's not true. You just can’t make detailed long term plans that must be followed and be super strict...

24 Mar


An intro to the basics of true agile. 

The word “agile” can be heard in meetings and seen in presentations. There are many misunderstandings and it would make sense to discuss these, however let’s start with the agile basics.


17 Mar

What to focus on

Business first means business first.

Beautiful code or just working code? Maintaining code or building new features and increase sales? Adhere to the development process, continuously remove technical debt, prettifying code or keeping the...

10 Mar


Remove access, conduct interview and close down all accounts when someone is leaving – and drink the grave beers.

Removing access to systems is important, and should be done the day after the person leaves the team. Here, it's also a good...

03 Mar


About bad apples and how to throw them out. That's a clickbait title for you and has nothing to do with the content of this chapter.

One person in your team is not delivering. There’s a lot of subtile messaging in that sentence. Let’s dig...

24 Feb

The three types of CTOs

When you are looking for a CTO - do you need the hands-on-CTO, the business project manager-CTO or the experienced tech lead and people leader-CTO?

Abbreviations - we all love and hate them. We love them because they are easy to remember a...

20 Feb

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