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Forbidden words list

Throw out the old ways, in with the new. Let’s stop comparing those apples and oranges. 

A common language is what keeps us understanding each other. So when we speak about certain business terms, we may use words for one thing even tho...

22 May

Social Media

Online presence – what to write and what to share

As the CTO, or any other person with a separate title responsible for tech teams, you are a spokes person for the company in a way, and what you share and do on social media like LinkedIn i...

18 May

Board presentations

A story is better than a thousand KPI’s

As with all other chapters, I start with a slight existential question. Are you regularly invited to report to the board? Some organisations still think that their CTO’s are IT managers, or a scaled...

17 May

KPI’S and OKR’s

Don’t measure what you can't control

Once upon a time when I worked as an Engineering Manager I was asked by the CEO to report on certain KPI’s in order to measure and control performance of the development team. We had KPI’s (Key Performa...

16 May


How a stable budget work helps you be geared to run a great team

Owning your own budget could really help you and your team to be able to work efficiently and to the point. The beauty of budgets is that they are decided once per year (and...

15 May

Project Updates

How to communicate what’s being worked on, what’s going to be worked on and what’s done

People either directly involved in your project or product or affected by the outcome of your activities will need to be continuously getting status up...

12 May

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