Agile coach

As an Agile coach we help companies on their Agile journey. When approaching Agile topics it's important to work with the company and assess their setup and organisational and team structure in order to see how the Agile mindset can be working for th...

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Product Development

Many products is developed for a specific need or is built to either test if some idea is working, or it's simply a "build it and they will come" -approach. The first time the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) is built, one does not have time to think abo...

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Remote working concept

The Scattre FrameworkBased on experience, interviews with young professionals and a lot of trial and error, we have developed a remote working concept called Scattre. It's a simple value based agile framework which is optimised for leading, (self) ma...

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CTO as a Service

With the CTO as a a Service you can get a CTO part time for a fixed price for your tech department.Do you need someone who can take care of and be responsible of your entire tech department? Every company in the todays techy world needs a CTO. If you...

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Tech Recruitment

Finding Developers and Tech peopleExecutive search and Developer RecruitmentAs we work with many startups we have a big network of developers all over the world. We can take on recruitment assignments to help you find the right tech talent (developer...

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Mobile App Development

We build apps slightly different.Maintaining multiple code bases means usually many developers with skills within each technology. This is hard to maintain for a smaller company. That's why we build mobile apps based on the same source code as you al...

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Dedicated development teams

Get your own dedicated teamInstead of working with consultants who counts hours and needs long requirement lists – adopt the better agile way and add your own dedicated development team, based in India, to work with your product.FlexibleAble to scale...

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