Dedicated development teams

Get your own dedicated teamInstead of working with consultants who counts hours and needs long requirement lists – adopt the better agile way and add your own dedicated development team, based in India, to work with your product.FlexibleAble to scale...

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Technical audit

How is your application constructed, how's the code setup and how's the architecture looking like?When many companies develop fast technical debt is created, and there are little or no time to fix this. In the end this debt can become a burden. We ca...

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CTO as a Service

With the CTO as a Service you can get a CTO part time for a fixed price for your tech department.Do you need someone who can take care of and be responsible of your entire tech department?Every company in the todays techy world needs a CTO. If you do...

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Cloud server migration

Cloud servers are virtual servers that are hosted on the cloud, meaning they are accessed over the internet rather than being stored on a physical server in a data center. Cloud servers offer a number of benefits over traditional on-premises servers,...

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Product as a Service

Solutions that grow with your companyWe want to be your silent partner during your journey.We have solutions that help you on every stage of your journey.We adapt and help you figure out the path of less resistance.We have a full flexibility model, w...

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Monitoring and Incident management

We all know how it happens. All of a sudden your website or application/service is down. You have no idea how long it's been unreachable.What you do know is how much money you are losing, not selling to or servicing your customers. Where is your team...

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